Honeycutt Wrestling Staff – Who, What, How?

Honeycutt Wrestling Staff

Kyle Honeycutt – Head Coach



Expectations of Coaching Staff

Honeycutt Wrestling Coaches are expected to:

  • Coach ALL wrestlers
  • NEVER be alone with a wrestler other than your child – follow the rule of three (3)
  • Attend as many practices as possible, actively coaching
  • Attend as many competitive events as possible, actively coaching
  • Remain at events as long as wrestlers are still competing
  • Wear an HW coach’s shirt to competitive events
  • Attend coaches’ meetings
  • Set a good example for wrestlers
  • Treat wrestlers and parents with respect
  • Uphold our Policies & Procedures
  • Report Policy & Procedure violations to Head Coach

Coaching Requirements

To become an official Honeycutt Wrestling coach, you need to:

  • E-mail Head Coach Kyle Honeycutt to state your interest & experience
  • Obtain a USA Wrestling coaching card – Copper level or higher
  • Agree to the expectations outlined above

Official coach status is not required to help out in the mat room during practices.

Copper Level Certification


Click here for details on Copper-level certification through USA Wrestling. If hired, HW will reimburse you for the background check (up to $15). Background checks take 7-10 days. Plan accordingly.